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    July 18, 2018


    How to Change Your Skincare Routine for the Fall

    The season is changing. Flannels are being pulled from the closet, leaves are turning colors, and the famous pumpkin spice flavor is literally everywhere. Seasonal wardrobes and fall flavors are not the only changes that naturally take place during the fall season. Predictably, our skin experiences change as summer comes to an end and fall begins. Our normal summer skin care routine will not compensate for the cooler and drier air that fall brings. With some minor adjustments to your summer skincare routine, you can achieve soft, luminous skin for the fall. 

    Why Change

    Change is difficult, especially when some of us spend quite a bit of time and money on our normal skincare routine. So, why do we need to go through this change and invest in different skin products for a new season? It simply comes down to our skin’s amazing purpose.

    Our skin is the bodies first layer of defense. It protects us from harmful elements and adjusts to the changing seasons accordingly. For example, during a humid and warm climate, the skin will appear smooth and soft. Whereas in the cold and dry winter season, the skin will adapt to the harsher conditions by drying out and becoming cracked.  As the warm summer weather turns into a colder fall, we ought to give our skin a little extra support to look and perform its best.

    Choose a Different Cleanser


    With the heat and humidity of the summer, we often find a cleaner that easily cuts through the additional sweat and builds upon our skin. These types of cleansers are typically more clarifying in nature. As fall approaches, our skin needs less clarifying and more moisturizing. Natural cleansers such as those with nutrient-rich oils and aloes will gently clean while leaving your skin nourished and moisturized.

    Save Some Scrubs

               Whether or not you switch out your cleaners, it is a good idea in the fall to skimp on a few face washes. It is certainly, still important to remove all makeup and residue from your skin before falling asleep. However, in the morning your skin will be fine with a splash of cool water instead using a cleanser. The cool water will invigorate and rinse the skin without removing the skin’s natural oils and moisture that are a helpful and healthy human adaptation.  

    Turn to a Different Tone

    Toners are excellent for balancing the ph-levels in our skin, brightening our complexion, and collecting any residue from our cleanser. If you are currently using an alcohol-based toner, try switching it out for a gentler toner. Toner with large amounts of alcohol will rapidly dry out the skin which should be avoided in the fall and winter season.

    More Moisturizer

    As previously mentioned, additional moisturizer is important to supplement into your skincare routine for the fall season. Instead of using an oil-free lightweight moisturizer as you would for the summer, try a cream or balm. Apply this heaver moisturizer to your face and next in the morning and night. Around the eyes, the skin is even more venerable to the changing seasons. Pay careful attention to this area with your moisturizer. You can even use an eye cream if needed.

    Remember the Rest

    Remember that all parts of your body can use more TLC in the fall, so do not just focus on the face. By applying a natural moisturizer on your whole body, your skin will feel soft and luminous for the changing season.

    From the Inside Out

    Moisturizing topically is not the only way to obtain soft, smooth skin. Treat the extra dryness internally with your water intake and supplements.  Water intake can replenish the moisture that is lost in the seasonal change.  If possible, keep a water bottle with you for easy access to hydration. In addition, taking supplements such as a multivitamin or Omega 3 will boost your skin’s health.

    Listen to Your Skin

    Let your skin guide you in regards to what it needs. If you feel your skin is dry or tight in the middle of the day, your skin is crying out for more moisture. To cure this, make sure to bring moisturizer with you as you go about your day.

    Shine Seasonally

    From the heaters in our homes and cars to the dry air, and steamy showers, we like to warm up, especially when brisk weather comes around.  These fall changes can contribute to our skin’s extreme dryness. Do not let the breezy fall break your beautiful skin. Following the tips above, to help your skin can handle the harsh fall weather. With a few minor changes, your skin will be winter ready and soft as ever.

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